Little Garden (Ritoru Gāden リトルガーデン?) is the first episode of the Hundred anime.

Hayato Kisaragi joins the Little Garden, a school on a city-ship designed to house an entire population. It's his first day and he's still getting a lot of attention due to his high Hundred score, but then he ends up in a fight with the student council president


A young boy is seen running away with a girl from a Savage then it attacks which separates them, The boy then shown sucking blood out of the girl. Hayato is on the plane after remembering the flashback and then sees Little Garden. Then he gets off the plane where two girls arrive to pick him up, but he avoids them. When he gets to the building, a girl announces his arrivial and which many come praise for having the highest Hundred score in the record. A girl jumps on him stating her name is Emile Crossfode since they are roomates then Fritz makes Reitia apologize to Hayato for shouting his name and bringing attention. In the hall were all the students are gathered, the Vice Presidents Liddy Steinberg and Erica Candle introduce the president as she is about to speak, two girls who were supposed to pick Hayato at the airport arrived late which Claire expelled them, Emile disapproves of this and ends up having Hayato face off against Claire for the removal of the expulsion.
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Emile then shows him to Char and Meimei who are surprised to see that Hayato has never used a Hundred battle Claire after she then gives him his Hundred, Flying Swallow till which he goes to the training ground to try it out.

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Emilia transform into her Hundred, Arms Shroud then starts attacking Hayato out of nowhere and he unconsciously creates an energy barrier then Emile attacks again, Hayato runs into a wall. After training, Hayato rushes to his sister's hospital where she stays and she calls him a pervert for looking at the nurse's boobs. He comes back to the room to see Emile dressing and she screams and throw things at him after he becomes unconscious, He wakes and hits Emile then she sew his badge back on hs uniform and injures herself, he quickly heals the wound because it reminds of the incident. He later seen with Claire Harvey as the two are about to face off.

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