The Invincible Queen (Zettai Muteki no Pāfekuto Kuīn, 絶対無敵の女王?) is the second episode of the Hundred anime.

Hayato Kisaragi and Claire begin their duel, but Hayato doesn't have much experience. Claire allows him some advantages and vows not to use her Full Body Armament. But then Hayato changes in the middle of the fight in a surprising way. Meanwhile, things start happening on a nearby island.


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The duel begins early next morning, and all of the students have gathered at the auditorium to watch. There, Liddy Steinberg explains the rules. The duel will last 15 minutes and will end once one of them is knocked out, when one of their energy is used up or when one of them is disarmed. However, as the duel begins, Hayato accidentally falls over her and grabs Claire's breasts, angering her and firing shots at him. Hayato puts up an energy barrier on Emile's command and deals a heavy shot at Claire. However, this has no effect on her as she puts up her own shield with her numerous cannons, and deals the final blow. This causes Hayato to lose a lot of his energy and as he slowly rises, Claire prepares to use a Buster Cannon against him, shocking everyone and even the Student Council Vice-Presidents. As she shoots, Hayato feels that his body has turned hot, and manages to deflect Claire's blow, pushing her back with different movements and ends up using a full-body armament, the full release of his Hundred powers. In the end, he is still defeated by Claire using her full-body armament even though she said she would not at the start of the match, as he is unable to control his powers and collapses. The match is thus declared a tie as, Claire won officially, but lost to herself.
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Claire then cancels the expulsion of the girls.

After Hayato recovers, Emile takes him to Central, the business district of the Little Garden, where Karen, Hayato's sister, comes to meet them to check on Hayato after the duel. She begins to suspect theat Emile is a girl but leaves it at that, giving him a warning. They then have lunch but is interrupted by Claire, Liddy, Erica Candle and Chris Steinbelt, Claire's assistant. Claire then recruits Hayato into The Selections, the special unit under the student council, much to Emile's objection. Emile then wishes to join Hayato, and transforms then and there, willing to prove himself. The duel between him and Liddy ends abruptly due to a Savage alert on Zwei Islands.