Hayato Kisaragi (如月 ハヤト Kisaragi Hayato?) is the male protagonist of Hundred. Originally from Yamato, Hayato became a Slayer in order to obtain state-of-the-art medical treatment for his sister. He has the highest known compatibility with a Hundred and his Hundred takes the form of a sword and a shoulder guard.


Although his height is not specific, it can be obviously distinguished that he is reasonably tall, much like Fritz's height. He has black feathered hair and red eyes. When in his Variant state, there is a little difference in his appearance that is shown in every episode when he enters his variant state. Within this state his eyes turn yellow, reflecting the color of the Savages, and his teeth sharpen.


Hayato is a kind, caring person. He is shown to be a gentlemen and can also be quite nervous sometimes. He also has trouble around women sometimes as he is unable to properly respond when they express their romantic feelings towards him.