Hundred are Items which allow individuals known as Slayers to fight the Savages. They are named such due to them being different for each individual, Catering to their(Slayer's) fighting style. Literally Hundreds of ways of fighting an enemy. They are initially shaped like Diamonds with varying shapes and colors, and are the size of a large marble.

Only a select few are compatible with using hundreds. The higher the compatibility the more one can instinctively pull out the power of their hundred, compared to their less compatible slayers. Variants are the only known individuals who possess 100% compatibility with Hundreds.

To activate one must initially be holding their hundred in their hand and fill it with the desire to fight, then verbally say "Hundred On". Once activated they manifest as if digitized on to the Slayer ready for combat. Given the name itself there are many type of Hundred types in existence.

Hundred Types

Arsene type

Ex. The Everlasting

Chevalier Type

Ex. Flying Swallow, Liddy Steinberg's Hundred,

Presumably closer to the Knight archetype given its name. It may be composed of weaponry designed for close to mid range combat. It may be composed of a singular weapon either as a one handed or two handed weapon, a weapon and a shield or two weapons to be handled in a two handed weapons style.

They are usually in the front lines of combat either as a vanguard, a tank or a finisher.

Dragoon Type

Ex. Cannon Spears

Hundreds which focus more on projectile energy weapons or beams of sorts to attack enemies at mid range to long range. They are varied in their forms but have one common factor. they possess a buster cannon mode in their hundred. while deployed as multiple mobile artillery/cannons they are freely floating around the slayer and is directed by their will. Dragoon types are known for being weaker in the rain, probably due to the obstruction/reduction of their vision.

They are usually in the Middle or rearguards in combat.

Field Control Type

ex. Fairy Fairytale

Hundreds which are more focused on mobility and defense. For the most part they take the form of a full body armor which stresses agility and mobility in the field. They possess no form of attack whatsoever, but in exchange they have strong defensive barriers.

Innocence Type

Ex. Arms Shroud

Hand to Hand Combat Type (Name tentative)

Ex. Reitia Saint-Emilion

Long Range Projectile Type (Name Tentative)

Ex. Fritz Granz's Hundred